Welcome to RVZoomin.com.  We started this site in 1999 after we sold our brick and mortar home and started our new life as full time RV’ers….  The site was originally used to let our children and friends know where we were at any given time.

Since then, much has changed in the world of websites- so, we are again totally rebuilding this site- for the 4th time…. now in the “WordPress” format- so that it works better with tablets and smart phones.  Please hang with us as we put the site back together….  As closely as we can tell, there are over 2,500 images to re-post- all have been carefully taken while we have traversed the United States many times since our first mile- and have visited well over 160+ of the units of the National Park System….. as well as countless State and Municipal Parks along the way….  Wish us luck with this reconstruction project- It will take time…. but will be fun.