The continuing adventures of those nutty Thompson's


Welcome to RVZoomin.com.  We started this site in 1999 after we sold our brick and mortar home and started our new life as full time RV’ers….  The site was originally used to let our children and friends know where we were at any given time.

Things have really changed for us…. again…. After 20 years of plying the country in a motor home, we decided we’d had enough and in August of 2019, we sold it, and are once again residents of a brick and stick house.  Health issues pretty much put the last nail in our worry-free wandering, and we are again turning our efforts to planning other types of trips…

Then along comes COVID-19 – So, with most of the rest of the Planet, we are sitting out the summer, instead of enjoying travel.  This too shall pass – we have every hope that things will soon return to “normal” – what ever your normal actually is…  wish us all luck, God Bless.